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D2 - Low Cost 2 Channel Digital I/O 1-Wire Card
Full D2 Line

D2 - Low Cost 2 Channel Digital I/O 1-Wire Card

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Key Features

  • Utilizes widely supported DS2406
  • 2 channels each configurable as either digital input, or digital output.
  • All data transfers are CRC16 error checked.
  • Digital outputs, (A) sink 60-mA., (B) sink 8-mA.
  • Digital inputs are latched until read.
  • Built-in multidrop controllers, (DS2406).
  • CAT-5 twisted pair up to 1000 Feet, 100 devices.
  • Uses 1-WireCommunication Protocol.
Advantages Over DS2413+ Based Switches

  • Each PIO Channel includes an Activity Latch
  • 1024 bits user-programmable OTP EPROM
  • PIO A doubles POI Sink Current (from 2.8V to 6V)
  • Conditional Search support provides quicker detection of alarm conditions

The D2, 2 channel digital I/O expansion card, provides two I/O channels which can individually be configured as a digital input with latch or a high current sink digital output. Digital input and output functions can coexist.

The D2 has a built-in multidrop controller (DS2406) which provides a unique 64 bit registration number (8-bit family code + 48 bit serial number + 8 bit CRC) assuring error-free selection and absolute identity; no two parts are alike. Unique addressing allows I/O function to be identified absolutely, no more dip switch address confusion. Status input, latched-input-activity and output-latch functions allow input, output and fast event catch functionality to hundreds of I/O points on a 1-Wire bus. The DS2406 provides the digital I/O functions. The I/O connector is marked "A" I/O position one, "G" common ground returns, "B" I/O position two.

The D2 is designed to allow a network of input and output modules to operate on a two or three wire bus, power("+"), common("G") and data("D"). The D2 can be powered locally or the power may be bussed with the 1-Wire signal in a three wire system. The bussed power must be regulated 5V.

The D2 is compatible with EDS' OW-SERVER as well as any 1-Wire host with support for the Maxim Integrated's DS2406 Dual Addressable Switch.

Available Configurations:
  • D2 - no connector or pull-up resistor
  • D2C - screw connector
  • D2P - on-board pull-up resistor (supplies excitation voltage)
  • D2PC - screw connector and on-board pull-up resistor(supplies excitation voltage)
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