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Embedded Data Systems is pleased to offer the MeshNet™ Wireless Sensor System. The intuitive design of the MeshNet™ System makes setting up a robust wireless sensor network fast and virtually pain free. The system uses the universally accepted 2.4 GHz radio frequency and has dedicated sensors for monitoring temperature, humidity, visible light, barometric pressure, and 4-20mA / 0-10V analog output devices with additional devices in development.

MeshNet Hardware:

MeshNet Controller
MeshNet Controller - The Controller is the Ethernet enabled communication hub of the MeshNet Wireless System. It links the outside world to the wireless sensors enabling them to be read and controlled from anywhere. The data is accessible via a variety of protocols including:
  • SNMP - a popular protocol in network monitoring software
  • HTTP - Useful for monitoring the real-time data via a web browser
  • HTTP Post - Ideal for transmitting sensor data from behind firewalls and into the "Internet of Things"
MeshNet Repeater
MeshNet Repeater - The Repeater is designed to increase the size and reliability of the wireless sensor network by:
  • Increasing signal strength of transmissions
  • Improving receiving sensitivity
  • Providing additional paths of communication between the controller and sensors allowing transmission paths to adjust (self heal) as the wireless environment changes
MeshNet Sensor Gen 1 - The first generation MeshNet sensors measure a wide variety of environmental parameters.  The standard features included in all first generation sensors are temperature, pulse counter, latch state, and alarm LED; in addition to the optional relay.  On top of the standard features, the following additional sensing combinations are available:
  • Humidity
  • Humidity, Barometric Pressure and Light
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Light
MeshNet Temperature & Humidity Sensor Generation 2
MeshNet Sensor Gen 2 - The MeshNet Generation 2 features a higher accuracy temperature and humidity sensor, along with a discrete input and the capability to connect to up to three of our waterproof temperature probes. Features unique to the MeshNet Gen 2 sensor line include:
  • Internal storage of up to 2048 sets of readings
  • Increased transmission range by 10x
  • Ability to monitor wet environments with waterproof external probes
  • Support for standard 1.5V AA batteries
MeshNet Weatherproof Wireless Temperature Probe Gen 2
MeshNet Sensor Weatherproof Gen 2 - The MeshNet Weatherproof Wireless Temperature Probe features a UV resistant IP67 enclosure which enables it to be deployed in a wide range of environments. The optional poll mounting kit provides additional flexibility on outdoor deployments. Additional features include:
  • Internal storage of 2048 sets of readings
  • Increased transmission range by 10x
  • Ability to monitor wet environments
  • Support for standard 1.5V AA batteries
View Sensor Comparison Table

MeshNet Sensors Comparison Chart

Part Number Temperature Range Temperature Accuracy Radio Range Logging Capability External Probe Support Pulse Counting Relay Optional
MN-ENV-T -40 to +85°C ±1.0°C Full Scale
±0.5°C: (-20 to +85°C)
120m No No Yes Yes
MN-ENV-TH -40 to +85°C ±1.0°C Full Scale
±0.5°C (-20 to +85°C)
120m No No Yes Yes
MN-ENV-THPL -40 to +85°C ±1.0°C Full Scale
±0.5°C (-20 to +85°C)
120m No No Yes Yes
MN-ENV-TL -40 to +85°C ±1.0°C Full Scale
±0.5°C (-20 to +85°C)
120m No No Yes Yes
MN-ENV-TP -40 to +85°C ±1.0°C Full Scale
±0.5°C (-20 to +85°C)
120m No No Yes Yes
MN-ENV-H-THX -40 to +85°C ±0.9°C Full Scale
±0.4°C (-10 to +85°C)
1,200m Yes, 1024 Sets Yes No No
MN-ENV-H-THX-2K -40 to +85°C ±0.9°C Full Scale
±0.4°C (-10 to +85°C)
1,200m Yes, 2048 Sets Yes No No
MN-ENV-H-X-WP -40 to +85°C ±0.9°C Full Scale
±0.4°C (-10 to +85°C)
1,200m Yes, 2048 Sets Yes No No

Why MeshNet Wireless Sensors?

Robust Wireless Communication

Each sensor (node) has both the ability to transmit and receive data packets.  This capability is key to ensuring the reliability of the network; as it allows the sensor to confirm the receipt of data, and enables additional packets to be transmitted if confirmation is not received.

Repeaters can be added to wireless networks to create a mesh network topology. In this topology, the repeaters receive and retransmit data packets which in essence expands the wireless network and provides additional routes for the sensor data to travel to reach the MeshNet Controller.

All MeshNet devices report the strength of the transmissions they receive, allowing areas which may be susceptible to interference to be identified and addressed proactively (e.g. adding repeaters).

Simple Setup

1. Download and run the EDS Scanner App.

2. Select the MeshNet Controller in the EDS Scanner.

3. Navigate to System Configuration>Devices.

4. Connect the batteries to the sensor.

5. Select the sensors when they appear in "Unlinked" Devices.

Global Acceptance

Earth with Communication Lines

All MeshNet controllers have the capability to deliver sensor data across the world.

Each controller is equipped with an Ethernet port capable of being polled and of delivering data via HTTP Post to anywhere with internet connectivity.

The 2.4 GHz frequency is utilized in the MeshNet product line due to its widespread acceptance.

Meets FCC, Industry Canada and CE marking standards.

Low Power Consumption

User selectable parameters (ex. transmission rate, sensor read rate, alarm thresholds) allow battery life to be maximized per the application requirements.

Switching relays only require power for changing the state.

Automatic transmission on discrete state change minimizes redundant transmissions.

Generation 2 is so low power it continues to operate without a battery for up to 30 seconds.

Alarm Management

Sensors are programmable and will respond to alarm parameters independently.

Trigger a relay, LED, or notification immediately.

Enabling the HTTP POST "Buffer Mode" provides immediate notification.

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