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Cold Chain

Embedded Data Systems has a variety of hardware which is ideal for Cold Chain.  Our combination of data loggers, alarm verification devices, and software enable us to offer a low cost, reliable, solution to help guarantee your products are properly handled.

The Problem:
How do you know which goods you receive/ship are being kept within their proper temperature limits?


The work horse for these applications is the DS1921x; this tiny and robust device is configurable to log 2048 readings at a logging rate of every 1-255 minutes.  This allows you to mission the DS1921x for up to 362 days before the log has filled.  Not only does the DS1921x log temperature readings, but it also has two (2) user programmable alarm points (high alarm, low alarm).  A total of 24 such alarm events can be recorded-12 for exceeding each temperature limit. These alarms allow software and hardware to easily identify problems within the Cold Chain.

The TC Relaunch and TC Verifier are rugged handheld units designed to identify these problems in the Cold Chain.  They are ideal for individuals responsible for receiving temperature sensitive products.  Both look at the stored alarm events and indicate if any have occurred during the current mission. If no alarm events have occurred the Green LED is turned on.  If alarm events have occurred the Red LED is turned on. The TC Re-Launch also tests the state of the MIP (mission in progress) flag to determine if the DS1921x has a mission in progress. The touch LED is flashed 10 times to indicate that the DS1921 is not currently on a mission.  The TCVerifier and TCRelaunch can also stop a DS1921x mission this allows you to prevent additional readings from being taken while the deviations are investigated.

Once the TCVerifier or TCRelaunch has identified an alarm occurred, one can further investigate the deviation to see when and for how long the goods where outside the allowable temperature limits.  This is achieved with either our free software, 1-Wire Viewer, in the SK-IB-R iButton Starter Kit; or in larger applications, Thermodata 3.  Thermodata 3 has an improved missioning process, better data storage, and a faster download speed.
(While we provide application assistance, it is up to the customer to determine the suitability of the product in their application.)
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