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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the DS1925L-F5#

The newest Thermochron data logger, DS1925L-F5#, has key advantages over older models.

Fall 2017 Newsletter: New Products and Shipping Discounts

A brief introduction to EDS newest MeshNet wireless temperature and humidity sensor, the DS1925L-F5# high capacity Thermochron, and new angled fobs.

Getting Started with Thermochrons and Hygrochrons using 1-Wire Viewer

7/31/2015 by David Cooley & Edwin Granados
This describes how to use 1-Wire Viewer for configuring (missioning) Thermochrons and downloading the logger data.

Utilizing the MeshNet ENV Sensor's Discrete Input

11/18/2015 by David Cooley
This discusses the MN-ENV Sensor's discrete input capabilities, connecting to the input, configuring the input within the MeshNet Controller, and a few application examples.

Utilizing the Thermochron Server as a Remote Thermochron Downloader

8/6/2019 by Edwin Granados
Instructions on how to use TC-SERVER as a remote Thermochron downloader.

Water & Thermochrons IP56, DS9107+ & Other Waterproofing Measures

6/18/2015 by David Cooley
In applications where Thermochron iButtons will come in contact with water. Care must be taken to prevent water ingress which can damage and/or deplete the Thermochrons internal battery.
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