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Server Room Monitor

Embedded Data Systems is pleased to offer an easy to use solution for remotely monitoring the temperature of your IT or other operating infrastructure.  By offering out of the box compatibility with
Dartware, LLC's InterMapper Network Monitoring & Alerting Software, our hardware will feed live data representing the temperature of your server rooms, racks, individual servers, HVAC ducts, etc. to your new or existing installation of InterMapper.  InterMapper can then proactively notify you when the temperature goes above or below pre-defined thresholds, potentially allowing you to take corrective measures before encountering costly downtime.  Additionally, InterMapper can produce graphs of all the historical temperature data it has collected, allowing you to spot potential problems before they happen.

All communications with our hardware occur using HTTP over TCP/IP (standard networking protocols), allowing you to collect temperature data without complicated proprietary sensor wiring, and without occupying serial ports on servers, etc.  This means you can simultaneously monitor multiple, dispersed locations using your existing LANs, WANS, VPNs, or the Internet for connectivity to the sensors.

The installation of each location consists of one HA7Net, and one or more temperature sensors (up to three per HA7Net*).  You simply connect the HA7Net to the Ethernet, and use a standard web browser to configure it.  Configurable options include IP address, DHCP, user-level security, SSL data encryption, and more.  After configuring the HA7Net, you plug the sensors right into the front of it.  You then describe each of the temperature sensors to InterMapper, and you are done.

* Please note that while a single HA7Net can support up to 100 sensors simultaneously, people looking for ease of deployment will want to limit themselves to 3 sensors per HA7Net, as that is the number of ports available for direct connection of sensors.  Additional sensors may be used, but will require you to do some wire splicing.

For each type of device it monitors, InterMapper requires a probe file which instructs it on how to interact with the device.  By using the link below, you can freely download a probe file which enables InterMapper to communicate with our HA7Net and temperature sensors.  This probe file supports monitoring temperature (either Celsius or Fahrenheit) using any DS18S20 based temperature sensor combined with our HA7Net Ethernet 1-Wire host adapter.  Installing the custom probe is as simple as copying it into the 'InterMapper Settings:Probes' folder and then telling InterMapper to reload probes.  For absolute convenience and no guess work, you'll find a list of sensor kits below that are guaranteed to work with InterMapper right out of the box.  For more flexibility, feel free to build your own kit by selecting the individual sensors below.

InterMapper is a registered trademark of Dartware, LLCThe custom InterMapper probe file can be downloaded here.

(While we provide application assistance, it is up to the customer to determine the suitability of the product in their application.)

The following is a list of sensors and kits which are compatible with InterMapper:

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STPSR3-12 - Temperature Probe w/RJ12
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