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OW-IO-AI4 - Quad Analog Input
2 OW-IO-AIO Four Channel

OW-IO-AI4 - Quad Analog Input

Part Number:OW-IO-AI4


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  • Four 16-Bit analog input channels.
  • 0-10V and 4-20mA options available.
  • Static protected inputs.
  • Readings include minimum, maximum, peak and alarm values.
  • Uses 1-Wire Communication Protocol.
  • Supports Conditional Search with user-selectable conditions.
  • Compatible with all EDS and Maxim 1-Wire bus masters.
  • Pass-through connector for easy daisy-chaining of sensors.
  • Optional Relay may be controlled independently or by alarm status.
  • Applications include thermostatic controls, industrial systems, flow meters, consumer products, or any system in which discrete control or monitoring is necessary.

The 1-Wire Quad (4 Channel) Input device offers an innovative way to monitor up to 4 analog points. In addition to the current reading, each point maintains a minimum value, a maximum value, and a peak value. Furthermore, high and low alarms may be set independently for each input.

The 1-Wire Quad Input also includes an LED and conditional search support. Additionally, an optional latching relay provides further flexibility for alarm notifications and control applications. These features combine to offer a flexible and efficient system for monitoring and controlling numerous data points throughout a 1-Wire network. The conditional search support allows a host adapter to quickly identify whether any alarm parameters have been met; and the LED and optional latching relay can be configured to behave in a variety of ways:

  • Activate when an alarm becomes active and automatically deactivate when the alarm is cleared.
  • Activate when within alarm parameters and deactivate when within normal range.
  • Independently controlled

The nearly instantaneous automated responses made by the LED and optional relay allow appropriate reactions (activate fan/alarm siren/etc) to occur before the monitoring application is even aware of an alarm. The Quad input has been designed to simplify the reading and controlling process; and therefore any general-purpose 1-Wire host adapter is able to read the analog points. All of the data is contained in five 32 byte memory pages which are updated in real-time. More in-depth information on the memory format is available within the downloads section

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