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All iButton software packages located here provide an interface for configuring core functions of the Thermochron loggers. These functions include the configuration of logging rates, alarm thresholds and the downloading of Temperature and/or Humidity mission samples. Our current offerings include two PC compatible software packages and the TC-SERVER which runs embedded firmware that enables networked devices (e.g. PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones).

1-Wire Viewer - Designed to support all iButton models. It takes a more generic approach to memory & iButton management compared to software options dedicated to the Thermochron iButtons. It serves as the entry level software which is great for managing small numbers of Thermochrons, and the price is right (free for download.)

Thermodata Viewer - Provides an intuitive user interface (UI) which simplifies the management of larger quantities of Thermochron loggers. This is accomplished through simplifying the download & exporting process. It also provides the ability to store human friendly names/notes into the loggers; this alleviates the need to track the guaranteed unique 16 bit serial numbers.

TC-SERVER - This provides the quickest interface for missioning & downloading loggers. Upon contact with the Thermochron, the TC-SERVER will download the mission and provide a visual alert of the alarm status. The TC-SERVER’s web interface enables any networked device such as PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones) to mission and download Thermochrons using their web browser. Units can also be configured to automatically transmit the logger data to a specified location. This simplifies collecting Thermochron logger data over a dispersed network.

The table below highlights the major features of the software packages.

  1-Wire Viewer Thermodata Viewer TC-SERVER
Sets logger parameters Yes Yes Yes
Recommended # of loggers Under 20 Unlimited Unlimited
Suggested Hardware Windows PC, DS9490R# & DS1402D-DR8+ Windows PC, DS9490R#, DS1402D-DR8+ Networked device (PC, Mac, Tablet, Smartphone) & DS1402D-DR8+
Loggers Supported All DS1921x, DS1922x, & DS1923 All DS1921x, DS1922x, & DS1923 All DS1921x, DS1922x, & DS1923
Reporting Capability View reports on screen Print reports & graphs Print custom reports & graphs
Exports data Yes, via *.csv format Yes, via *.csv format Yes, via *.xml or *csv format
Data Storage Can save as CSV files Can save and reload CSV files Up to the last 1000 downloads are stored locally
Approximate Price Free for Download, $10 for CD $78.95 $127.95
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SW-DBV - 1-Wire Viewer
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TC-SERVER - Thermochron Server
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Thermodata Viewer Software
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Thermotrack PC
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