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iButton Readers

The iButton Readers fall into two categories:

General Purpose Readers - These work with any iButton, Thermochron or otherwise along with many 1-Wire devices. These iButton readers typically have more 3rd party software options. Guidance is available for selecting a general purpose iButton reader for your needs.

Specialized iButton Readers - These iButton readers are dedicated to specific applications or iButton models. These units offer better performance in specific applications. Specialized Reader options include:

  • Thermochron Server - The TC-SERVER enables the Thermochrons and Hygrochrons to be missioned and downloaded using standard web browsers allowing smartphones, tablets, Windows PC, Macs, and Linux computers to access the data. It can also be configured to automatically push collected logger data via FTP or HTTP POST.
  • TDHC400 - This handheld iButton downloader designed to simplify the collection of Thermochron and Hygrochron logger data. Download the iButtons in seconds by touching the TDHC400's probe to the logger, the LEDs will then indicate a completed download, and then move on to the next Thermochron.
  • PIR2 (limited distribution) - This legacy offering is designed to record iButton serial numbers along with a time stamp. Its compact pocket friendly design makes it well suited for guardtour applications.
iButton Readers Comparison Table
A brief overview of key iButton Reader specifications.
Part Number iButton Models Supported Writes to EPROM iButtons Software Support Stores Data within Reader Protocol / Connector Requires Power Supply
DS9490B# All No 1-Wire Viewer & Thermodata Viewer No USB (Type A) No
DS9490R# All No 1-Wire Viewer & Thermodata Viewer No USB (Type A) No
DS9097U-E25# All Yes 1-Wire Viewer & Thermodata Viewer No RS232 (DB25) Yes, when writing to EPROMs
DS9097U-009# All No 1-Wire Viewer & Thermodata Viewer No RS232 (DB9) No
DS9097U-S09# All No 1-Wire Viewer No RS232 (DB9) No
TC-SERVER-ENET-2 Thermochrons & Hygrochrons No Any Web Browser Yes Ethernet (RJ45) Yes
TDHC400 Thermochrons & Hygrochronsl No TDHC Manager Yes USB (Mini) No
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ROMWriter - iButton ROM ID Writer
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TC-SERVER - Thermochron Server
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TDHC 400: Handheld Thermochron Downloader
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