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Interface Adapters

Also known as 1-Wire Bus Masters, 1-Wire Interface Adapters are available in a wide variety of form factors and interface types. They are divided into two basic categories:

Intelligent 1-Wire Interface Adapters

Our Intelligent Adapters relieve the host from the burden of generating the time-critical 1-Wire communication waveforms while supporting all Maxim 1-Wire and iButton devices with simple ASCII commands. This enables 1-Wire networks to be used by nearly any device which can read/write ASCII data via any of the following interfaces: Ethernet / RS232.

Panel Mount HA7Net
HA7Net - The original 1-Wire Ethernet Bus Master. It offers 3 convenient RJ11 connections to the 1-Wire network. The 1-Wire devices are queried with specially formulated URLS, and the responding webpages can be easily parsed.

OW-SERVER-ENET-2 - The Ethernet version of our current 1-Wire Bus Master offers 3 convenient RJ11 connections to separate 1-Wire networks. The 1-Wire devices are read with a variety of options including: SNMP, HTTP Get of Details.XML, or receiving a scheduled HTTP POST of the same XML file.

TC-SERVER-ENET-2 with Thermochron Inserted
TC-SERVER-ENET-2 - The Thermochron Server is designed for configuring and collecting data from Thermochron iButtons with a standard web browser. This allows PCs, Macs, Tablets, and Smartphones on the TC-SERVER's network to be used for downloading and viewing the logger data without requiring an app be installed.

1-Wire Level Converters

Our 1-Wire Level Converters require the host to generate the 1-Wire timing and are compatible with Maxim's TMEX API’s.

DS9097U-009# - An RS232 1-Wire Host Adapter with Id chip which enables the adapter's ID to be tracked for licensing purposes and to confirm the 1-Wire network is functioning.

DS9097U-S09# - It is Maxim Intergrated's RS232 1-Wire Host Adapter without an ID chip.

DS9097U-E25# - This R232 adapter utilizes a DB-25. It includes an Id chip and the capability to program the 1-Wire EPROM's requiring 12V.(External power must be connected for programming the EPROMs.)

HA2 Low Cost 1-Wire Interface
HA2 - EDS's lowest cost 1-Wire adapter. It is capable of working with up to 10 1-Wire devices with up to 100 ft of cabling.

DS9490B# - This unit specializes in reading iButton line. It retains the iButton within its housing. It is best suited for applications where the iButton will remain in the adapter, e.g., software licensing and authentication.

DS9490R# - This is Maxim Integrated's 1-Wire USB adapter for both iButton and 1-Wire devices.

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