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OW-SERVER is an inexpensive Ethernet / WiFi to 1-Wire interface that is designed to monitor and control 1-Wire devices.
EDS offers a wide range of iButton, 1-Wire, and wireless devices. Included in our line are Thermochron and Hygrochron temperature data loggers, numerous interface adapters, environmental sensors in various form factors, and discrete/analog I/O devices. If you don't find what you need, please contact us for a custom-engineered solution.
Thermochron Central. Complete starter kits starting at $69.95. Most iButton Models and accessories in-stock!

Featured Products

DS1921G-F5# - Thermochron iButton -40°C thru 85°C
$37.45  $35.00
 In Stock
DS1923-F5# - Hygrochron Temperature & Humidity iButton
$149.00  $139.00
 In Stock
OW-ENV - Environmental Sensors
In Stock
OW-RTD4W - 1-Wire Interface for 4-Wire RTD
 In Stock
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