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OW-RTD4W - 1-Wire Interface for 4-Wire RTD
4 Wire RTD Interface with Relay

OW-RTD4W - 1-Wire Interface for 4-Wire RTD

Part Number:OW-RTD4W


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  • Communication Protocol:1-Wire
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  • Supports all 4 Wire Pt-100 RTD Transducers.
  • Uses 1-Wire communication protocol.
  • Automatic unique 64-Bit device addressing.
  • Pass-through 1-Wire connection.
  • Expands the temperature range (-200 to 850C) measurable through 1-Wire.
  • Supports Conditional Search with user-selectable condition.
  • Compatible with all EDS and Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus masters.
  • Relay may be controlled independently or change due to alarm status.
  • LED may be controlled independently or change due to alarm status.
  • Applications Include thermostatic controls, industrial systems, consumer products, thermometers, or any thermally sensitive system.

The RTD Sensor line offers an innovative and highly accurate way to monitor and control temperature throughout a wider temperature range than previously possible with 1-Wire networks. Each variation of the RTD sensor line includes a highly accurate RTD input, a latching relay, a LED, conditional search support and a pass-through 1-Wire connection. These features combine to offer a flexible system for monitoring and controlling numerous data points throughout a 1-Wire network in an efficient manner. The conditional search support allows a host adapter to quickly identify whether alarm for numerous parameters have been met. The latching relay and LED are configurable to behave in a variety of ways when alarms:

  • Activates when an alarm becomes active and deactivates when the alarm is cleared
  • Activates when within alarm parameters and deactivates when in normal range
  • Independently controlled

The nearly instant automated responses made by the relay and LED allow appropriate responses (activate fan/alarm siren/etc) to occur before the monitoring application is aware of the alarm. The RTD sensor line has been designed to simplify the reading and controlling process. Any general purpose 1-Wire host adapter is able to read the RTD Sensors.

Selecting a RTD:
  • Must be a 4 wire RTD
  • European Standard (aka DIN or IEC 60751) at 100 ohms
  • Confirm RTD's operating range is suitable for the application
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