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Cryogenic MicroDL w/ Flexible Teflon Probe -200C
Cryogenic MicroDL w/ Flexible Teflon Probe -200C

Cryogenic MicroDL w/ Flexible Teflon Probe -200C

Part Number:MicroDL - Flexible Teflon Probe -200C


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NIST Traceable Certificate
Include Certificate (+$5.00)
  • Temperature Accuracy:±1.0°C at Full Scale
  • Alarm Display:LCD Display of Vital Mission Data
  • Operating Range:Cryogenic, -200°C to 72°C
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Key Features

  • Flexible Teflon Temperature Probe.
  • ±1.0°C Temperature Accuracy at Full Scale.
  • Measures Temperature in 0.1°C Increments.
  • User-Defined Logging Rates.
  • Stores up to 32KB of Temperature Data.
  • Programmable High/Low Temperature Alarms.
  • LCD Display of Vital Mission Data.
  • Monitor Internal Temperature of Liquid Nitrogen Packages.
  • Push-to-Start Mission Launch.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • Optional NIST Traceable Certificate.
  • User-Defined Logger Label.
  • Splash Proof IP54 Enclosure Rating.
  • 2 Year Battery Life (Continuous Use).

The Cryogenic MicroDL w/ Flexible Teflon Probe is a temperature data logger designed for monitoring extremely cold environments reaching temperatures as low as -200°C.  The primary enclosure with LCD display is affixed outside the cryogenic environment, while the Thermistor probe located on the opposite end of the flexible teflon cable is deployed in the cryogenic environment.  The flexible cable is 20" long and .3" wide (Confirm Cable Size) and is able to pass around doors or container lids without disturbing the integrity of the seal.  The Cryogenic MicroDL loggers has a 32KB memory capacity.  They are ideal for monitoring liquid nitrogen packages, such as those used in shipments of embryos and stem cells. These multi-use loggers may be downloaded, reconfigured, and deployed numerous times, and can last for months to years in most applications due to the ample storage capacity and battery life.

The MicroDL loggers have many user programmable functions which enable its behavior to be customized for application specific needs (e.g. logging rates, alarm thresholds, start delay). The loggers also have a digital display which enables you to view real-time temperature readings as well as review summarized historical data.

Alarm Functions

The MicroDL loggers record both high and low temperature alarms. The alarm duration reported may be configured to be the continuous duration (longest single alarm incident) or the cumulative alarm duration (total of all high or low alarm incidents). At the push of a button, the LCD display allows you to view mission critical data such as:

microDL Logging Enabled
Is the logger running?
microDL Alarm Duration
Have high or low alarms occurred? If so, how long?
microDL Maximum Temperaure
What are the maximum and minimum temperatures reached?
microDL mean kinetic temperature
What is the mean kinetic temperature?
Battery Life

The MicroDL battery is rated for 3 years of use in typical* applications and the batteries are factory replaceable. The amount of battery life remaining is reported each time the logger is configured, helping prevent the deployment of loggers with insufficient battery life. If a MicroDL logger's battery is depleted, the temperature data is retained and once the battery is replaced the temperature data can be recovered.

*In situations where loggers are recording readings quickly (faster than once a minute) or are used at temperature extremes, there may be a reduction in battery performance.

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