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Thermotrack PC

Thermotrack PC



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  • Ethernet and WiFi variations available.
  • Real-Time Graphing and Logging through Web Browsers.
  • Searches for active devices every 2 seconds.
  • Firmware can be flash upgraded from remote.
  • Manages concurrent client connections safely and reliably.
  • Debugging functionality helps simplify software integration.
  • 3 separate 1-Wire networks providing robust communication.
  • Automatically provides smart strong-pull-up for 1-Wire sensors.
  • Fast WiFi network configuration over micro USB.
  • Reports the 1-Wire network connected to each device.
  • Automatic short detection on 1-Wire networks.
  • 1-Wire MicroLan capacity of 1000 feet of cable, 22 devices*.
  • ESD Protection more than 27kV (IEC801-2 Reference Model.) on the 1-Wire bus.
  • LED indicators for Ethernet link/activity, power, and 1-Wire activity.
  • Easy Installation.
  • ABS enclosure.
  • Low Cost.


Thermotrack PC provides a complete Thermochron software package.

Download Reporting

A number of Ethernet protocols are used by the OW-SERVER including HTTP and SNMP. The HTTP interface provides a simple means to configure the OW-SERVER, 1-Wire sensors and collect real-time sensor data. The real-time data is presented in a number of ways including:

  • Mission Status TabMission Status
    Mission Status Tab
  • Mission Status Tab - contains primary mission settings including Serial Number, Thermochron Model, Sample Count, Alarm Thresholds.
  • Thermotrack GraphThermotrack Graph
    Small Graph of Logger Data
  • Sensor Pages - includes all of the sensor's data, a graph of up to three user selected sensor values and a "Download" button for exporting the graph's data in a CSV format.
  • Chart of Temperature DataChart of Temperature Data Full Size
    Chart of Temperature Data
  • Advanced Details Page - contains all of the data from the connected sensors. AJAX techniques automatically updates the information insuring the data being displayed is current.


The HTTP POST capability allows the OW-SERVER to transmit sensor data at a specified rate to a specified URL. This simplifies collecting sensor data when the OW-SERVER is deployed behind a firewall.

Optional Calibration Module

The SNMP interface is divided into 3 sections: edsEnterprise, owTrap and owDevices. The edsEnterprise section presents basic product information, such as name and version. The owTrap section is where you define the IP address the trap should be sent, the high alarm, low alarm, and the hysteresis. The owDevices section data similar to the Overview and Devices webpage.

The OW-SERVER is ideal for many applications which include:

  • Server Room Monitoring
  • SCADA Systems
  • HVAC

The OW-SERVER currently supports the following 1-Wire devices:

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