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Thermotrack PC
Thermotrack PC
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Thermotrack PC



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  • Supports all DS1921, DS1922, DS1925 Thermochron and Hygrochron models.
  • Custom options available for automatically saving data and printing graphs.
  • Saves data to your pc or directly to your server.
  • Advanced graphing reports; including detailed data, zoom in capabilities, and superimpose graphing options.
  • Supports adding comments via integrated notepad.
  • Sends e-mail alerts when alarm thresholds are triggered.
  • Filter through average, highest, and lowest mission values.
  • Interface supports translation in 8 languages (Eng, Spa, Fran, Port, etc.)
  • Password Protected.


The Thermotrack PC provides a complete Thermochron software package to manage and monitor all your DS1921, DS1922, and DS1923 iButton Thermochrons. With a quick and easy setup, the Thermotrack PC offers a high profile software interface along with a friendly user navigational experience.

The Thermotrack PC was designed to create a user friendly experience all while providing rich data reports and customizable programming options. Graphs can be superimposed to compare logger data, along with the option to add comments via notepad. Thermotrack PC allows you to create various mission profiles with predetermined parameters to make missioning loggers quick and easy or relaunch the existing mission (deleting existing data and beginning a new mission with previous parameters).

When downloading Thermochron Data, Thermotrack PC allows you to select how it should behave:

  • Save data automatically to PC or Server
  • Export Data to Excel
  • Print Graph Automatically
  • E-mail Graph Automatically if an Alarm was Detected

The Thermotrack PC software also offers unique modules to improve your mapping, exporting, and calibration experience. Within the Mapping Module, you can generate a detailed report comparing the mission data of up to 50 Thermochron iButtons. The Expert Module allows you to limit user functions to conform with FDA CFR21 part 11. For your calibration needs, the Calibration Module allows you to record your calibration certificate results on to the memory your iButton logger and make corrections to the values according to the difference.

Download Reporting

  • Mission Status TabMission Status
    Mission Status Tab
  • Mission Status Tab - contains primary mission settings including Serial Number, Thermochron Model, Sample Count, Alarm Thresholds.
  • Thermotrack GraphThermotrack Graph
    Small Graph of Logger Data
  • Temperature & Humidity Graphing Tab - includes all of the loggers sensor data along with high and low alarm thresholds.
  • Chart of Temperature DataChart of Temperature Data Full Size
    Chart of Temperature Data
  • Chart Tab - contains all of the data from the logger in a chart with readings exceeding alarm thresholds highlighted.

Optional Mapping Module

The mapping module allows you to compare data from up to 50 iButton data loggers by creating detailed reports including the min, max, and average values, along with uncertainties for all loggers. The reports generated by the mapping module are customizable and includes several advanced viewing options such as superimposing logger data which makes it easy to compare and ensure consistency across multiple loggers.

Optional Calibration Module

The calibration module enables you to write & save calibration results (reference values, measured values, & uncertainties) into the iButton’s internal memory. Thermotrack will then make corrections to the values between 2 and 5 points or using a 4th degree polynomial. The calibration parameters are stored in the Thermotrack software and in the iButton’s internal memory, allowing for continuous value corrections as the loggers circulate through different users. The calibration module also provides real time updates on the validity of the calibration certificate. Once the calibration certificate is within 30 days of its expiration date, you will receive a message upon reading/missioning the logger indicating that the certificate will expire soon.

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