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Thermodata 3 Software (Discontinued)

Thermodata 3 Software (Discontinued)

Part Number:SW-TD3


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The recommended replacement is Thermodata Viewer.

Thermodata 3.0 is a iButton management software package. It features a rich suite of applications which allows for the user-friendly management of several hundred iButton loggers. Thermodata 3.0 manages all Thermochron and Hygrochron iButtons (DS1921, DS1922, and DS1923 model iButtons). The software provides the functionality to automate several distinct tasks required to manage iButton loggers and compiled data. (These tasks are exacting and time consuming without automation.)

The main tasks performed by the software are as follows:

  • Configuration of loggers, including management of logger passwords and preferred configuration settings.
  • Downloading data from loggers.
  • Data import from a range of data file sources.
  • Data import from field data collection devices including the TDHC400b.
  • Data storage, including the ability to store and instantly retrieve data saved over long periods, with a variety of database management systems.
  • Data export, in a choice of standard formats (XML and CSV), for analysis using other software products.
  • Browsing, viewing and printed reports of data in a variety of tabular formats and graphs.

Supported Thermochrons & Hygrochrons:

  • DS1921G-F5
  • DS1921G-F5#
  • DS1921H-F5
  • DS1921H-F5#
  • DS1921L-F5
  • DS1921Z-F5
  • DS1921Z-F5#
  • DS1922E-F5#
  • DS1922L-F5
  • DS1922L-F5#
  • DS1922T-F5
  • DS1922T-F5#
  • DS1923-F5  
  • DS1923-F5#
If you have any questions or would like to try a fully functional 30 day evaluation version, please contact us at [email protected].
Part Numbers:
  • SW-TD3-CD
  • SW-TD3-LIC
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