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TC VERIFIER - Thermochron Alarm Verifier with Mission Stopping Ability (Discontinued)
TC Verifier

TC VERIFIER - Thermochron Alarm Verifier with Mission Stopping Ability (Discontinued)



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The recommended replacement is the TDHC 400b Handheld Thermochron Downloader.
  • Verify Missions, Verify Alarms, Stop Missions. 
  • Tests the temperature alarm registers of a DS1921. 
  • Green LED indicates “no alarms during mission”. 
  • Red LED indicates “alarms during mission”. 
  • Green + Red indicates "launch successful". 
  • Touch LED Indicates “mission in progress” status. 
  • Does not disturb the data contents of the DS1921. 
  • Eliminates need for PC at the shipping/receiving dock. 
  • Battery lasts for 200,000 plus verifications or 5 years. 
  • Very small (1.6” X 2.3” X .75”) ABS Enclosure. 
  • ESD Protection more than 27kV on the iButton ports.

The TC Verifier provides three primary functions:

Mission Verification - The TC Verifier tests the state of the MIP (mission in progress) flag to determine if the DS1921 has a mission in progress. If the Thermochron has an active mission running, then the touch LED is flashed once, otherwise it will be flashed 10 times to indicate that the touched DS1921 does not have a mission in progress. In either case, the TC Verifier then automatically proceeds to perform alarm verification.

Alarm Verification -The TC Verifier looks at the stored alarm events and indicates if any have occurred during the current mission. If no alarm events have occurred the Green LED is turned on for 3 seconds. If alarm events have occurred the Red LED is turned on for 3 seconds.

Mission Stop -The TC Verifier can be used to stop a mission in progress. This allows the DS1921 to stop taking temperature readings and maintain the log data already acquired. When a DS1921 is touched by the TC Verifier, the touch LED in the upper left corner flashes once to indicate a successful touch. If the touch is held past the three second alarm indication period and for an additional 5 seconds the touch LED will flash 10 times to indicate that it has successfully stopped the mission in progress.
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