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T8A - 8 Channel 12 bit Analog 1-Wire Card (Discontinued)

T8A - 8 Channel 12 bit Analog 1-Wire Card (Discontinued)

Part Number:T8A


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The recommended replacement is the OW-IO-AI8 Octal Analog Input.
  • 8 channels 12-Bit 0 to 5 Volt analog inputs 
  • All data transfers are CRC16 error checked. 
  • Built-in multidrop controllers, (DS2406). 
  • Uses 1-Wire Communication Protocol. 
  • Built-in mounting spacers and Phoenix screw connectors. 
  • Second 1-Wire connector for easy net expansion.

The T8A, 8 channel analog I/O expansion card, provides eight channels of 0-5 Volt 12-bit analog input.

The T8A has a built-in multidrop controller (DS2406) which provides a unique 64 bit registration number (8-bit family code + 48 bit serial number + 8 bit CRC) assuring error-free selection and absolute identity; no two parts are alike. Unique addressing allows I/O function to be identified absolutely, no more dip switch address confusion. The DS2406 provides the 1-Wire gateway for the 12-bit analog data acquisition sub-system. The analog inputs (1-8) are connected to the 8 connector positions 1-8 respectively. Positions at either end of the I/O connector marked "G" are ground returns.

The T8A is designed to allow a network of input and output modules to operate on a two or three wire bus, power("+"), common("C") and signal("S"). The T8A can be powered locally or the power may be bussed with the 1-Wire signal in a three wire system. The bussed power can be unregulated 8V to 16V DC. The T8A provides onboard 5-volt regulation for I/O and analog sub-system operation. The onboard power supply has a very low quiescent current and low dropout voltage to allow long cable runs with minimum loss. The T8A can be stacked side by side for minimum panel space, or they can be spaced hundreds of feet apart to minimize analog signal wiring.

The T8A is compatible with the EDS OneSix DDE server and family of 1-Wire enabled devices, as well as any 1-Wire host with support for the Dallas Semiconductor DS2406 Dual Addressable Switch and EDS Analog.
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