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Receivers / Repeaters

We offer a number of Wireless Receivers which varying in frequency, interface type, and higher level functions like data logging, alarming, and email notifications.  When selecting a Wireless Receiver the following are some things it keep in mind:

  • What computer interface is preferable (RS232/Ethernet)? 
  • Is data logging from the Receiver required?
  • Do you need a Receiver (receives radio packets only), or a Transceiver (receives and transmits radio packets)?

  • Receivers

    The Wireless Repeaters below are RF mesh repeaters which create multiple, fault tolerant signal pathways. They receive CRC-16 error-checked data packets, process the data, and then transmit the data to other mesh repeaters, servers, or receivers. As many as 26 layers of repeaters can coexist in the same environment.

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    Point Manager
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    Point Repeater 4.9.9
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    Point Transceiver
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    Universal Output Module
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