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OW-TEMP-SW-12R - Wall Mount Temperature Sensor w/ RJ12 (Discontinued)
OW-TEMP-SW-12R - Wall Mount Temperature Sensor w/ RJ12 (Discontinued)

OW-TEMP-SW-12R - Wall Mount Temperature Sensor w/ RJ12 (Discontinued)

Part Number:OW-TEMP-SW-12R_


 Not for Sale
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The recommended replacement is the OW-ENV-T wall mount temperature sensor.
  • Previously part # T2001S-R.
  • Ambient temperature range wall mount. 
  • High impact ABS plastic enclosure. 
  • Surface or wall mountable. 
  • Stranded cable, 12 foot in length. 
  • Terminated with RJ12 plug. 
  • Embedded Maxim DS18S20 sensor.
  • No external power required, or can be optionally powered for faster operation.
  • Uses 1-Wire communication protocol. 
  • Compatible with all EDS 1-Wire bus masters. 
  • Chemical resistant cable.
  • Automatic unique device addressing. 

The OW-TEMP-SW-12R temperature sensor is designed for general-purpose ambient temperature measurement applications. It is constructed of high impact ABS plastic, ivory in color, and suited for wall or surface mounting. The OW-TEMP-SW-12R is vented for good thermal contact with the ambient air. The back half of the ABS enclosure can be removed for a low profile wall mounting with a single screw through the center of the enclosure.

The OW-TEMP-SW-12R is directly compatible with all Embedded Data Systems 1-Wire bus masters, included the HA7Net.  For complete documentation on the embedded DS18S20 sensor, please refer to the manufacturer’s spec sheet available at http://maxim-ic.com.
The RJ12 pin outs are as follows:
  • Pin 3: 1-Wire Signal, Blue
  • Pin 4: Common (GND), White & Ext. Power (VDD), Orange (parasitic mode)
Our standard OW-TEMP-SW-12R sensor has a 12 foot long cable; however, with minimum orders we can manufacture the temperature sensor to custom lengths. Please contact us for a custom quote.
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