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MN-CBL-LINK - MeshNet Link Cable
MN-CBL-LINK - MeshNet Link Cable

MN-CBL-LINK - MeshNet Link Cable

Part Number:MN-CBL-LINK


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The MeshNet Link Cable is intended for owners of the MeshNet Gen 1 sensors running firmware older than 1.20 and MeshNet Repeater owners with firmware older than 1.05. This cable is unnecessary with newer MeshNet Gen 1 sensors and Repeaters which support wireless linking/unlinking and have a manual reset/unlink capability.

Legacy Linking Instructions

Each MeshNet sensor requires a physical connection to the Controller in the initial setup (linking). The linking process allows the sensor and controller to exchange necessary information for joining the unique Wireless network. Since each network has a unique identifier multiple wireless networks can operate in the same vicinity. Sensors can switch networks through repeating the linking process with the new wireless network’s controller. The linking process is completed by following the straight forward steps:

  1. Remove lid from MeshNet Sensor
  2. Take the supplied 3.5mm linking cable (see left) and attach it to the MeshNet Controller.
  3. Attach the remaining right angled 3.5mm plug to the MeshNet Sensor's 3.5mm jack.
  4. Insert the supplied 3.6V AA Lithium Battery.
  5. Wait for the LED to quit blinking. (It will take approximately 5 seconds.)
  6. Disconnect the linking cable from the Sensor and Controller
Linking Controller
Connecting Controller
Linking Sensor
Connecting Sensor
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