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MAXILOG - Economic Temperature Logger
MAXILOG - Economic Temperature Logger

MAXILOG - Economic Temperature Logger

Part Number:MAXILOG


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  • Temperature Accuracy:±1.0°C at Full Scale
  • Alarm Display:LCD Display of Vital Mission Data
  • Memory:8KB EEPROM
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Key Features

  • Operating Range -35°C to 50°C.
  • ±1.0°C Temperature Accuracy at Full Scale.
  • Measures Temperature in 0.1°C Increments.
  • User-Defined Logging Rate.
  • Stores up to 8KB of Temperature Data.
  • Programmable High/Low Temperature Alarms.
  • LCD Display of Vital Mission Data.
  • User-Defined Logger Label.
  • Push-to-Start Mission Launch.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • Splash Proof IP66 Enclosure Rating.
  • 2 Year Battery Life.
  • Mounts Easily Using MaxiLog Mounting Bracket.

The MaxiLog is our most economical logger that contains an LCD display.  It monitors a wide temperature range of -35°C thru 50°C which is suitable for most cold chain applications, as well as life sciences research.  This small splash proof logger is about the size of 2 AA batteries and is designed to be placed directly in the environment/container it is monitoring.  Mission critical data is always on its display, making it well suited to applications where quick access to key temperature data is vital.  These multi-use loggers can be downloaded, reconfigured, and deployed numerous times, and can last for months to years in most applications due to the ample storage capacity and battery life.  These reusable loggers can be far more cost effective than their single-use counterparts. 

Configuration & Launch

The MaxiLog features numerous user programmable logging functions enabling the logger behavior to be optimized for application specific needs:

  • Variable logging rate set by either time between readings or mission duration.
  • High and low alarm thresholds.
  • Start delay.
  • User defined label (e.g. Produce PO# 6254, Biolab Refrigerator).

Once configured, the MaxiLog stores the settings, and waits to be launched with the "Start" button.  The ability to initiate the logging process by pushing the start button makes it extremely convenient to preprogram MaxiLogs and start them when ready.


The MaxiLog Data Logger provides mission critical information on the LCD display enabling quick decisions regarding the state of perishable goods. This information includes the highest and lowest temperature reached, whether the logger is recording, how long it has been recording, and how long it has spent in alarm. The displays below highlight the location of some of the critical data:

Maxilog LCD Display - High & Low Temperature Reached
Min/Max Temperature Recorded
Maxilog LCD Display - Alarm-Current Temp
Current Temperature
Maxilog LCD Display - Run Time
Length of Time Logging
Maxilog LCD Display - Time-Over-Alarm
Length of Time in Alarm

Battery life

The MaxiLog's battery is rated for 2 years of use in typical* applications, and is factory replaceable.  If a logger's battery is depleted prior to its data being downloaded, the temperature data is retained and will be accessible once the battery is replaced. 

*In situations where loggers are recording readings quickly (faster than once a minute) or are used at temperature extremes, there may be a reduction in battery performance.

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