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HA3 - RS232 1-Wire Host Adapter

HA3 - RS232 1-Wire Host Adapter

Part Number:HA3


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  • RS232 to 1-Wire adapter.
  • CAT-5 twisted pair up to 1000 Feet, 100 devices.
  • No external power required on true RS232 ports.
  • External power connector for non-standard ports.
  • Supports 1-Wire communication protocol.
  • TMEX compatible using DS9097E driver.
  • Power boost provision for DS1820, DS1920 temperature conversion requirements.
  • DB9 connector.
  • True ground.

The HA3 is a RS232 to 1-Wire adapter. Designed to mate with the DB9 RS232 port of a PC, this RS232 powered converter provides the necessary level conversion from RS232 to 1-Wire device levels. When CAT-5 twisted pair cable is used, the HA3 can drive up to 100 1-Wire devices at cable lengths up to 1000 feet. The HA3 is recommended for applications where a true ground is of value (analog applications or non-isolated digital applications). The HA3 requires very little power. When the host PC can provide standard RS232 levels, all the required power is derived from the DTR line. In cases where the DTR is not available or the RS232 port is non-standard (low power notebook) the HA3 can be powered externally. External power is applied between the common (C) And the (+) connector. Boost current for DS1820, DS1920 temperature conversion is provided by RTS switching so that parasitic temperature conversion is supported. The HA3 is supported by the EDS OneSix™ DDE Server Software Driver; this makes connecting 1-Wire EDS products to your PC easy.

The Standard HA3 comes with the OneSix™ DDE Server Software and a single user license.

Connector pin-out; power("+"), common("C") and signal("S").
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