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Fall 2017 Newsletter: New Products and Shipping Discounts


DS1925L-F5# Are Now In Stock!
• • •

Following the release of Maxim’s latest iButton Thermochron model, DS1925L-F5#, there has been a lot of anticipation for these loggers to hit our shelves. As of August 14, 2017, EDS is happy to announce that the DS1925L is now in stock and available for immediate shipping.

Key DS1925L Features:

  • Increased logger capacity - store up to 122k temperature readings
  • Nonvolatile memory enables logger data to be collected after battery depletion.
  • Battery voltage reported - making calculating the remaining life straight forward.

These are sure to fly off the shelf, so place your orders now and for a limited time enjoy free domestic shipping on your DS1925L order of $500+ using code REW6QR (offer expires December 20th).

MN-ENV-H-THX - Temperature / Humidity Sensor Gen 2 with External Probe Support

In 2012 EDS entered the wireless sensor industry with the introduction of our MeshNet Environmental sensor line.  The combination of elegant design and industry standard communication protocols has led to the wide acceptance of the MeshNet Systems across numerous platforms.  The MeshNet System introduced a fast and reliable way to set up a robust wireless network. With its polished commercial aesthetics design the MN-ENV sensors were rapidly distributed worldwide to serve in IOT applications ranging from home automation to the cold chain industry. All while making its mark as EDS’ most enticing product design since the OW-SERVER.

EDS is proud to introduce a revamped version of our MeshNet sensor line, the Generation 2 MeshNet ENV-H-THX.  EDS’ MN-ENV-H-THX is the first of its class to introduce the capability to connect up to 3 waterproof stainless steel temperature probes on board for additional monitoring options. Additionally, the MN-ENV-H-THX offers new and improved features such as:

  • Enhanced transmission range (approximately 10x).
  • Memory on board with a storing capacity of up to 1024 sets of readings.
  • Improved low power energy efficient design.

Achieve greater reliability and efficiency now with EDS’ Generation 2 MeshNet sensor and enjoy the easy installation. Simplicity is designed into the setup process through:

  • Wireless linking with the MeshNet Controller.
  • Adoption of globally accepted 2.4 GHx.
  • EDS Scanner locates all MeshNet Controllers immediately.
  • Uses 1.5V AA batteries.
Simplicity designed for you

To learn more about our Generation 2 sensor and place an order, visit MeshNet Gen 2 Details.

Protect Your Data Loggers
• • •

Although the iButton Thermochrons are water resistant; they are not waterproof. This leaves them susceptible to water damage if exposed to wet environments. A water damaged Thermochron is not only a financial burden, but the data loss can be irreplaceable. In efforts to help prevent logger failures due to moisture ingress we have compiled a list of different methods to waterproof your iButtons.

For applications where the monitoring environment is known to be hazardous for Thermochrons, we also recommend the use of the newest model of the iButton Thermochrons (DS1925L) which features a nonvolatile memory that is readable with a depleted battery (the most common failure point for water damaged loggers).

IB-FOB – Button Key Fob
• • •

EDS is now offering a new variation of the iButton Key Fobs in our standard colors and featuring a new light blue color. These fobs are equivalent to the Maxim DS9093Ax, offering a secure hold for the Maxim iButtons with a F5 MicroCan at a very competitive price.

Interested? Then check our competitive pricing and availability.

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