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EDS00xx - Environmental Sensor

Part Number:EDS00xx


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  • Senses Temperature, Humidity, Barometric pressure, and/or Light.
  • Compatible with all EDS and Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire bus masters.
  • Relay may be controlled independently or change due to alarm status.
  • LED may be controlled independently or change due to alarm status.
  • Uses 1-Wire communication protocol. 
  • Automatic unique 64-Bit device addressing.
  • Configurable conditional search parameters
  • Pass-through 1-Wire connection 
The new EDS Environmental sensor line offers a innovative way to monitor and control temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and/or light.  Each variation of the Environmental sensor line includes a high accuracy temperature sensor, a latching relay, a LED and a pass-through 1-Wire connection.  The accuracy of temperature readings in the EDS Environmental sensor line typically ± 0.25°C (±0.45°F).  Each sensor includes a latching relay and a LED that can behave in a variety of ways: 
  • Independently controlled
  • Activates when an alarm becomes active and deactivates when the alarm is cleared
  • Activates when within alarm parameters and deactivates when in normal range    
The nearly instant automated responses made by the relay and LED allow appropriate responses (activate fan/alarm siren/etc) to occur before the monitoring application is aware of the alarm.  The EDS Environmental sensors have been designed to be easily read and controlled.
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