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DS9106L-WH - iButton Halo -WHITE 60MM (Discontinued)
DS9106 iButton Halos - ONLY 60MM WHITE AVAILABLE

DS9106L-WH - iButton Halo -WHITE 60MM (Discontinued)

Part Number:DS9106L-WH


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The recommended replacement is the DS9093A Angled Fobs.
• Slides over iButton and highlights with a color
• Color-coded tab accepts transparent computer generated label
• Improves the visibility of the iButton for quick sighting
• 20mm (DS9106S) and 60mm (DS9106L) usable tail length for legends
The DS9106 iButton halos are 0.25mm, thin vinyl labels wich slide over iButtons which are to be labeled with text, pictures, or numeric information. The halo is retained by a friction fit to the iButton it is pressed onto.

The halo itself is blank. Readable graphics are added using commercially available label printers such as the P-Touch™ series of products from BROTHER and the VARITRONICS EasyStep™ Label Printers.

These manufacturers also offer software support for IBM- and MAC-compatible computers. For best visibility and contrast, the labels should be printed black on transparent film. With their adhesive backing, they then mount on the iButton halo label.

iButton is a registered trademark of Maxim.
Part Numbers:
DS9106L-BL - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106L-GN - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106L-OG - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106L-PK - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106L-WH - Discontinued
DS9106L-YL - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-BL - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-GN - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-OG - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-PK - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-WH - Discontinued (No Stock)
DS9106S-YL - Discontinued (No Stock)
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