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DS9097U-K - RS232 to 1-Wire Interface with DS2406

DS9097U-K - RS232 to 1-Wire Interface with DS2406

Part Number:DS9097U-K


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The recommended replacement is the DS9097U-009#. Please note the suggested replacement does not include a Onesix DDE software key.

  • True-ground interface to an RS232 COM Port for reading and writing 1-Wire devices. 
  • Works with bipolar as well as unipolar logic signals.
  • Compatible to COM ports of ±5V to ±12V. 
  • Supports reading and writing at regular and Overdrive speeds. 
  • Provides strong pull-up to 5V for Temperature-, Crypto- and EEPROM 1-Wire devices.
  • Communicates at data rates of 9.6 (default), 19.2, 57.6, and 115.2kbps. 
  • Standard DB-9 and 6-lead RJ-12 connector for easy attachment of standard 1-Wire cables and probes.

The DS9097U-K is a RS-232 to 1-Wire adapter, which performs RS-232 level conversion and actively generates the 1-Wire communication signals. Together with an adequate TMEX software driver it enables an IBM-compatible PC to directly communicate with any 1-Wire device connected to the adapter's RJ-12 port. The DB-9 version reads and writes any non-EPROM 1-Wire device. All DS9097U adapters are based on the DS2480B serial 1-Wire line driver chip and therefore are not a plug-in replacement for the DS9097 or DS9097E. The RXD/TXD Polarity Select input of the DS2480B is tied to Vdd (non-inverting).

The DS9097U communicates with 1-Wire devices at regular speed as well as overdrive speed. The serial port must support a data transmission rate of 9600bps. Since the DS9097U operates in a byte mode, every data byte received from the RS-232 port generates eight time slots on the 1-Wire line.
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