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5 Reasons to Upgrade to the DS1925L-F5#


The new Thermochron logger offers a number of advantages. It is the the ideal logger for temperature data collection over extended time periods.

  1. More Data the Merrier - The DS1925 stores up to 122K in readings. That is over 15 times the capacity of the next largest models and 61 times the DS1921 models.  At a 5 minute logging rate, you have 1 year and 70 days before the the memory becomes full.  Excellent for those hard to reach locations.
  2. Superior Accuracy - The DS1925 Temperature Logger is more accurate ±0.5°C over the full operating range (-40 to 85°C).
  3. Ohhh nooo! The battery is depleted - Luckily by opting for the DS1925 model.  The data can still retrieved with a dead battery unlike other Thermochron models.
  4. You can check the gas gauge - You don't deploy a logger running on empty. The battery voltage can be read, and 2.5V is the end of the line.
  5. Clock is more accurate - The DS1925 clocks accuracy (±1 min per month) to twice as good DS1921 model.  Again, improving performance in applications in remote locations and/or with really long durations.
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