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3C\TEMP-RH - Temp./Humidity Logger
3C\TEMP-RH - Temp./Humidity Logger

3C\TEMP-RH - Temp./Humidity Logger

Part Number:3C\TEMP-RH


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  • Temperature Accuracy:±0.5°C at Full Scale
  • Humidity Accuracy:±3% from 0 to 80%, ±5% from 80 to 100%
  • Communication Protocol:Download / Configure over USB
  • Alarm Display:Critical Data Including Quarantine Warning
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Key Features

  • Operating Temperature Range -29 to 72°C.
  • ±0.5°C Temperature Accuracy at Full Scale.
  • Measures Temperature in 0.1°C Increments.
  • Stores up to 8KB of Both Temperature & Humidity Data.
  • Programmable Temperature Alarms & Logging Rates.
  • LCD Display of Vital Mission Data.
  • User-Defined Logger Label.
  • Push-to-Start Mission Launch.
  • Operating Humidity Range 0% to 100% RH.
  • ±3% RH Accuracy (0% to 80%).
  • Measures Humidity in 0.1% RH Increments.
  • Communicates via USB.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • 2 Year Battery Life.
  • Mounts Easily Using 3C\TEMP Mounting Bracket.

The 3C\TEMP-RH is a highly accurate temperature and humidity data logger which monitors a wide temperature range of -29°C through 72°C.  This temperature and humidity data logger can be downloaded, reconfigured, and deployed numerous times. The 3C\TEMP-RH  has many user programmable functions which enable the logger behavior to be customized to an application's precise needs (e.g. logging rates, alarm thresholds, quarantine trigger value, start delay).  It boasts a unique quarantine warning feature which triggers when a logger has been outside the user programmed alarm thresholds for a user defined length of time.


The 3C\TEMP loggers offer a large easy to see display (the largest display of all our data loggers). This enables the critical logger data to be viewed on a single screen without requiring the data to be cycled through. The data provided includes:

3C/TEMP-USB Display Layout
  • Humidity Sensor - Location of humidity sensor vent.
  • Start/Stop Button - Starts/stops the unit logging data (starts/stops a logger's mission).
  • Temperature - Last temperature reading taken.
  • Humidity - Last humidity reading taken.
  • Min/Max - Lowest/Highest temperature reading taken.
  • Recording - Currently on a logging mission (also displays during mission start delay).
  • Alarm Warning - Displays when the most recent reading is in alarm and the Quarantine Trigger Value has not been reached.
  • Alarm/Quarantine Counter - The number of alarm readings taken.  The QRT label above the count appears once the number of alarm readings reaches the Quarantine Trigger Value.
  • Alarm Time or Run Time - Cycles between the amount of time a logger has been in alarm and the time since it was missioned (run time includes start delay time).
USB Interface

This temperature data logger's use of USB simplifies its hardware setup by eliminating the need for specialized hardware, such as a cradle.

Quarantine Warning

The quarantine function (patent pending) not only identifies that the logger has gone beyond ideal temperature ranges, but that those excursions have surpassed an acceptable duration of time. The quarantine function provides a clear call to action for the recipient.

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