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What is an iButton?
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---- An iButton is a computer chip which is enclosed in a 16mm thick durable weather resistant stainless steel can. Because of their small size and extreme durability, iButtons can travel virtually anywhere. iButtons are frequently attached to key fobs, rings, watches, or other personal items for applications such as access control to buildings and computers. Additionally, iButtons are commonly mounted to storage crates, trucks, and other equipment for asset management. Furthermore, iButtons are mounted to refrigeration units, outdoor environments, and even to animals for various data logging tasks. iButton varieties include:
  • Address Only - Guaranteed unique 64-bit serial numbers (i.e. address & ROM id) ideal for access control and route verification applications. Models include the DS1990A & DS1990R.
  • Memory - Data can be stored in NVRAM, EPROM (write once read many) and/or EEPROM.  Models range from 1K bits to 64K bits.  
  • Real Time Clock - Supplies a unique way to maintain time in applications e.g. calendar, stopwatch,  hour meter & Time/Date Stamps.
  • Secure - Data can be protected with SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) or password protection depending on the level of security required.
  • Temperature & Data Loggers - The Thermochrons provide a ideal logger for applications requiring an inexpensive and robust light weight logger.  

iButton Models

iButton Accessories

DS1402D-DR8+ Blue Dot Receptor

Mounting Options
  • DS9093A+ - iButton Key Ring Mount, Angled Snap-In Fob - Multiple Colors
  • DS9093F+ - iButton Key Ring Mount, Snap-In Fob
  • DS9093N+ - iButton Key Ring Mount, Angled Fob
  • DS9093RA+ - iButton Plastic Card Mount
  • DS9093RB+ - iButton Plastic Card Mount

  • DS9096P Double Sided Adhesive Pads
  • DS9093S+ - iButton Wall Mount, 2-holes
  • DS9096P+ - iButton Adhesive Pads
  • DS9098P+ - iButton Retainer, PCB Mount
  • DS9106L-WH+ - iButton Halo - White 60MM
  • DS9107+ - Waterproof iButton Capsule
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