Point View Receiver LR
Point View Receiver LR
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  • High performance 418 MHz or 433 MHz receiver 
  • Compatible with OneSix DDE Server and OPCServer 
  • Supports PointView PC Software 
  • Serial connection directly to a PC 
  • Powered by RS232 port or external source 
  • ASCII radio packet data output 
  • Decodes CRC-16 error encoded radio packets 
  • DB-9 connector for RS232 interface 
  • Up to 600 ft. range
Part # - 4007-38 - Point View Receiver LR, 418 MHz
Part # - 4007-39 - Point View Receiver LR, 433 MHz
The Point View LR is a 418 MHz or 433 MHz radio receiver designed to receive and decode packet data from all Point Six Transmitters. The Point View LR decodes the CRC-16 encoded packets and translates them to ASCII strings that are sent out the RS232 serial port at 19200 Baud. No hardware handshaking or command protocol is required; all data packets are decoded and transmitted serially as they are received. The Point View LR is very low power; most RS232 ports provide enough power to operate the receiver. External power input is provided for host serial ports that cannot provide the necessary current. A simple design approach results in a low cost receiver that provides error checked ASCII data for all Point Sensors.
The Point View LR is supported by the Point Six OneSix™ DDE Server Software Drivers. This makes connecting Point Six Wireless products to your PC easy.
Supply Voltage 5.0 - 16 Volts
Supply Current 18 - 25 mA
Range (WOW transmitters) 600 Ft.
Baud Rate 19200 Baud
Enclosure Dimensions .97” H x 3.09” W x 1.93” D
Wireless Frequency 418 MHz or 433 MHz
FCC Certified Yes
Interface RS232
Operating Temperature 0°C to 70°C