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MicroDL w/ Stainless Steel Probe
Probe Side View

MicroDL w/ Stainless Steel Probe

Part Number:MicroDL- SS Probe


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Key Features

  • Stainless Steel Temperature Probe.
  • ±1.0°C Temperature Accuracy at Full Scale.
  • Measures Temperature in 0.1°C Increments.
  • User-Defined Logging Rates.
  • Stores up to 8K, 32K, 64K of Temperature Data.
  • Programmable High/Low Temperature Alarms.
  • LCD Display of Critical Mission Data.
  • User-Defined Logger Label.
  • Push-to-Start Mission Launch.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • Optional NIST Traceable Certificate.
  • UV Resistant Enclosure.
  • Splash Proof IP54 Enclosure Rating.
  • 3 Year Battery Life (Continuous Use).

REVIEW TEXT....The MicroDL with stainless steel probe comes in two sizes; micro and standard.  The micro probe version has a 2.95" long probe with a .07" diameter; and the standard probe version has a 6" length probe with a .12" diameter.  Both versions have stainless steel backs and are available in 8K, 32K, and 64K memory capacities.  The additional of the stainless steel probe adds extra flexibility by making it possible to monitor liquids, or to monitor the internal temperatures of a wide range of items such as foods or soil.  The chart below compares the features which differ between the different stainless steel probe models:

Model # Operating Range Memory Size Variable Memory Probe Length Weight
mDL8mp -30°C to 72°C 8K No 2.78" / 7.06cm
mDL32mp -40°C to 72°C 32K No 2.78" / 7.06cm
mDL64mp -40°C to 72°C 64K Yes 2.78" / 7.06cm
mDL8sp -30°C to 72°C 8K No 6.02" / 15.30cm 0.8oz/23g
mDL32sp -40°C to 72°C 32K No 6.02" / 15.30cm 0.8oz/23g
mDL64sp -40°C to 72°C 64K Yes 6.02" / 15.30cm 0.8oz/23g

The wide temperature range, -40°C thru 72°C for the 32K and 64K versions and -30°C thru 72°C for the 8K version, answers the needs of the food safety industry and that of numerous researchers throughout the life sciences. The MicroDL with stainless steel probe may be deployed in most applications for months to years due to the ample storage capacity and battery life.

PARAGRAPH ABOUT ALARM FUNCTIONS...At a push of a button, the LCD display allows you to view mission critical data such as:

microDL Logging Enabled
Is the logger running?
microDL Alarm Duration
Have high or low alarms occurred? If so, how long?
microDL Maximum Temperaure
What are the maximum and minimum temperatures reached?
microDL mean kinetic temperature
What is the mean kinetic temperature?
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