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MAXILOG-RTD Logger Connectivity Kit

MAXILOG-RTD Logger Connectivity Kit



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  • MAXILOG-READER-STA-MAXITHER2 - Maxilog Maxithermal-2 Reader Station
  • CBL-USB-STDA-MINIB – USB Standard A to Mini B Cable
  • MAXITHERMAL-2 – MaxiThermal-2 Software

The SK-MAXILOG-RTD Connectivity Kit includes everything necessary to connect MAXILOG-RTD Loggers to your computer; including cable, adapter, and software. The MAXILOG-READER-STA-MAXITHER2 and CBL-USB-STDA-MINIB make the physical connection between the MAXILOG-RTD Loggers and your computer; and the MAXITHERMAL-2 software configures and enables you to read and analyze your logged data. The SK-MAXILOG-RTD Connectivity Kit makes selecting the hardware and software you need simple and is for use with all MAXILOG-RTD Loggers:

MAXILOG-RTD Logger (bad link)

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